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Cutest Kids & Pets Holiday Photo Contest - 2016

Cutest Kids & Pets Holiday Photo Contest - 2016

Submit Your Cutest Kids & Pets Holiday Photos Now!

Three Categories

1. Cutest Kids
2. Cutest Pets
3. Cutest Kids & Pets Together
Have fun! The cuter the better! Be sure to enter them under the correct category.

Contest Dates

Submissions: November 25 - December 11
Voting: December 12 - 18
Winners announced: December 18


1st prize for each category: $50 & an awesome Holiday Stocking Gift Package
2nd prize for each category: $25
3rd prize for each category: $25
Extra prize of $25 if the first place winners like the Dental Group on Facebook!

Brought to you by:

Holiday Giveaway - Activation - RJ - 12-7-2016

Holiday Giveaway - Activation - RJ - 12-7-2016

Want an extra hundred dollars
for the Holidays?

Enter your email and get entered into our $100 Holiday Giveaway. The contest runs until December 16th. A winner will be notified and then announced on December 19th. GOOD LUCK!

Record-Journal's Reader's Choice 2014

Record-Journal's Readers' Choice 2016

Record-Journal's Sweepstakes

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RJ 150 Year Anniversary Giveaway - 2016

RJ 150 Year Anniversary Giveaway - 2016

RJ Good Citizen

RJ Good Citizen

Every week, Eliot, Liz, and Courtney will randomly choose one deserving person among those entered to receive a $10 gift card to Starbucks. Each week's winner will be recognized by Monday at 5:00 PM.

Don't miss this chance to say “thank you" to someone who really deserves it.

Participating is a very thoughtful way to let someone know that you appreciate them. Please nominate any Record-Journal or The Westerly Sun employee who shows what "good" looks like. Someone who goes above and beyond to help someone out, someone who made a difference in your day.

The good deed can
be work or non-work related. As an example, helping a co-worker carry something or recognizing a co-worker going above and beyond for a customer.

Nominating someone as a Good Citizen helps recognize a co-worker that is keeping with our company values and helping to fulfill our mission.

Mission Statement

To be the primary catalyst that motivates people to contribute to the intellectual, civic and economic vitality of our communities.

Core Values

Honesty - in our deeds and in our words.
Integrity - in how we represent and support our communities
Persistence - in our quest of the truth and justice
Curious - in our pursuit of the unknown, the stories that need to be told
Diligent - in our efforts to keep our comm

School Spirit Photo Contest - 2016

School Spirit Photo Contest - 2016